• Path loss exponent(PLE)の計算方法。(2006)

割と初期の論文で、log-normal radio propagation model をちゃんと説明している。

Path loss exponent estimation for wireless sensor network localization
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Brian D.O.AndersonbBarışFidanb

  • Least Squares ではなくテーラー展開をして線形化した式を解くことで、より正確な位置が出せるようにした(CESM 2011)

Feng LiuHao ZhuZonghai GuYan Liu, “A Linear Localization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network Based on RSSI”, Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 176)

  • 実験の結果RSSIベースの技術は使えない (2012)

Dong, Qian & Dargie, Waltenegus. (2012). Evaluation of the reliability of RSSI for indoor localization. 2012 International Conference on Wireless Communications in Underground and Confined Areas, ICWCUCA 2012. 1-6. 10.1109/ICWCUCA.2012.6402492.

  • 割と新しいSurvey (2017)

Nurminen, Henri & Dashti, Marzieh & Piché, Robert. (2017). A Survey on Wireless Transmitter Localization Using Signal Strength Measurements. Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing. 2017. 1-12. 10.1155/2017/2569645.

  • 最新Survey (2019)

Faheem Zafari ; Athanasios Gkelias ; Kin K. Leung , “A Survey of Indoor Localization Systems and Technologies”

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